Welcom to Fabian Garden

Hello world! Welcome to my land !

Selamat Datang di fabian_garden.

oke, dimulai dari hari ini, jam berapa ane lupa neh coy…maka dibukalah fabian_garden…enk…ink…enk…

Swekedar ‘tuk ngobrol ngalor ngidul aja, ngegosip, sharing swegala uneg uneg kamu dan aku…

nggossipin yang ga’ perlu…yang terpenting kalo mo hepi ya dimari ajah…

semuanya ada disini…

oke coy…!!!

Please welcome to fabian_garden.

Okey, let’s start now…, i’m forgot what time start it coy…so the fabian_garden it’s open now…enk…ink..enk… it’s free !!!

Just for fun here, sharing your oppinions here and discusioned it…

I’ll gave a presentation about some plans to create more opportunities for people to contribute to fabian_garden open source project…

One of the important philosophies of fabiangarden is ‘do more talkless’.

So you can suggest and vote on ideas for where fabiangarden should go next. i’am implementing the most popular features from the suggested ideas, and leave a comment please…

The most important is if you wanna be happy,

please come ‘n in… enjoy it !!!

everything is here !!!

okey coy…!!!


…angel’s garden


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