Fingerboard – Tips and Trick

Tips and Trick on Fingerboard <<

01. Ollie – First you ensure that the index and middle fingers in the right place: the middle finger on the tail of the board and forefinger just behind the front bolts. Okay, now, you press down on the tail so that the front was raised in the air, now the hard part, you try and slide your index finger toward the board’s nose and press down, this, if done correctly, should remove the entire board of soil.

02. Kick Flip – First To do kickflip, set your fingers the same way as you do when you Ollie. The only difference is that you want to have your index finger from the edge of the board. From there, press down hard tail, and fold your index finger to the side to make the board flip. While the board is the reverse, keep your fingers on the piano keys. When flipped once let your fingers down and landed on these fingherboard. (For me this trick is very hard and require a lot of practice)

03. Pop-Shove It – To make a Pop-Shove It, you must insert your finger as if your position will be Ollie. Is your index finger a bit tilted, though. Just press on top of the fingerboard with your middle finger, but instead of pressing Stright down, flip the ship around the corner, so the tone will rotate beneath your fingers. From there keep your fingers on the board and just land on it.

04. 180 Ollie – To make a 180, have your fingers positioned like an Ollie. Only Ollie and when you are in the air, rotate your wrist and fingers to get your fingers to do the 180. You can do this trick both ways, Front and rear. Probly back Morte difficult though this .* weird because your soil with your finger the opposite of how they should be, to fix this, you can start with your finger to the back, or, when this trick is done, you can only do boardslide 180

05. Heelflip – kickflip heelflip is like, unless you flip the board with the flat of your fingers. To set a list of affixes to it, place your index finger in the Ollie position with the tip of it hanging off the board slightly. After your set, lift and slide your index finger forward and sandals on one side with your flat part of your finger to make the board flip. Let flip once and let your finger land back on the board.

06. The Boardslide – To do the boardslide, approach your problems with a good amout speed. Ollie up to 90 degrees to the top. Try to land in the middle of the board. If you do a boardslide back, you may have to lean your hand back a little to help slide if barriers are not slippery enough. Do the same for lean Front unless your hands forward. To come off, turn your wrist 90 degrees and land rolling away fakie or regular (for me this. It is easiest to do this grind)

07. The 50-50 grind – This is the oppression of the most basic. Push against the resistance you do it and Ollie to the top by tilting your board sideways. From here, just trying to land on both trucks. You may have to lean your hand back some time if you are grinding grinding isn’t too good. At the end of the obstacle either Ollie off or lift the nose and roll off.

08. The Grind 5-0 – 5-0 was busy grinding like 50-50 unless you just grind one truck. To do that all you have to do is have your fingers in the Ollie position .. When you reach the barrier, Ollie and lean your hand back a little so that you can hand back of truck anda.anda harys Ollie higher than you to 50-50. Once you are on smooth and detached. This trick requires a lot of cooperation are integrated hands eyes, so you’ll need lots of practice.

The Nollie-nollie Ollie was right oppisite. If the normal position, this means that you place your pointer finger on your nose and your middle finger at a convenient place (usually the middle). From here is just like a regular Ollie. Bend your finger on landing and rolling.

The NoseGrind-nosegrind is exact oppisite of grind 5-0. Here you will grind just the front truck. This trick also requires a lot of cooperation integrated eye hand, so you may have to practice a bit before saying you can. Is your finger in position Ollie, but may have your pointer finger of your further.


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