Nampu Beach

Nampu Beach, The Exotic White Sand Beach

Beach is synonymous with surf and white sand, the exotic beauty and white sand that is still virgin will feel more has its own charm, rather than the beach that has been transformed into a place for cross-cultural integration arena, which would change the beach which was still a virgin into a beach is not beautiful anymore, because of various restoration ang regardless of the culture that should be maintained in order to pursue in terms of commercial popularity.
There are beaches in Wonogiri that can promise a good place to tour with family or with relatives nearby, Beach NAMPU famous for its white sand that is still virgin is like a small paradise in thethe southern region Wonogiri , through the journey overland for 90 minutes from town in the direction Wonogiri south, we arrived at the place we are looking for is NAMPU exoticism that still can provide a distinctive, compared with white sand beaches that have been widely known by the tourists.

Located about 70 km from the town of Wonogiri we will be able to enjoy the road trip is very interesting, apart from the border town, a trip we will pass a hill with yangpenuh road meanders along the natural scenery that really rocks indah.Setelah reached the peak-pass roads would be reduced with a view on the left side of the right is a panorama that unfolds luas.Keindahan sea coast which is a manifestation PARANGGUPITO nautical charm.
Enjoying the waves and swim at the beach Nampu we will be able to forget by the time so it feels without SUNSET has arrived, because matahri sunset at 16:15 o’clock am, at this point that we will enjoy the beach Nampu sunset.Panorama stunning natural that at present the supreme power in pleh corner of the small seaside firdsaus Wonogiri.

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