Poor Rattan

Rattan export indonesia continued fall and fall again ?

Rattan Banana Furniture

Export of rattan furniture from Indonesia continued to fall during 2005-2010, or since the enactment of raw rattan export policy. The increase in competitor countries, the raw materials from Indonesia, Indonesian rattan furniture result in loss of market.

Before 2005, a competitor of rattan furniture in Indonesia only China and Malaysia. However, now Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt and even started to become market competitors. This is beneficial for importers who tend to choose lower-priced goods and low operational costs. As a result, Indonesian rattan furniture market in Europe and the U.S. began declining.

“Now the export of rattan furniture is only about 600-800 containers per month. formerly, Once a month was able to export rattan chair to the United States up to 15 containers, but now only one – three container is so difficult”

so, do you have any solution ?

Source : ExportImport

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